The Divas Guide to life provides practical tips for living a balanced life, while maintaining effortless style.

About Tamara

I’m a freelance writer, blogger, poet, sporadic yogi, amateur belly dancer and lover of all things sparkly. I live in Atlanta with my diva doggie, Jazzy (a.k.a. Princess Jasmine). I’m a Pittsburgh native, so naturally I’m a die hard Steeler’s fan (don’t hate, my team has more rings than your team).

Passions: Writing

My Style: I have an eclectic style, I love to mix high and low, I LIVE for a designer label via the nearest clearance rack. I spend most of my time in dresses (partly because I’m lazy and I think its easier to pick out one dress than both a top and bottoms and partly because in a dress I feel my most confident) and I’m BEYOND obsessed with shoes.

My Personality: Firstly, I’m an introvert, so I may be a little quiet when you initially meet me, but once I warm up to you, you’ll see that I’m fun, free spirited (I’ve been called a hippie on more than one occasion, I don’t know how to take that), ambitious and super caring. And of course, as you can see from the title, I can be a bit of a diva (in a good way).

Hobbies: Reading, Eating, Drinking, Thrift shopping, travel, tech

Interests: Shoes, Handbags, Social Media, Marketing, Gourmet Teas, Style, Dating & Relationships, Football, Basketball

Guilty Pleasures: The Real Housewives of Anywhere, True Blood, Family Guy, white chocolate, shoes that hurt like hell but look amazing (shoeicide)

Muses: Oprah, Beyonce, Elizabeth Gilbert, Carrie Bradshaw, Maya Angelou, Diana Ross, Tupac, Jay-Z, My Mom

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