Be Open to Change

Change can be hard to cope with for any of us. Our brains are hard wired to perceive change as dangerous and to see what we already know as safe. But change is inevitable. Small changes are being made every second of every day. One day, all of those little changes will add up and culminate into a huge life altering event.

Personally, I’ve received a lot of big news over the past week from my friends.  One got engaged. One announced that she was moving to a new city. One landed a great new job. Another is becoming a first time mother. All of this news is amazing and I’m so happy for my friends, whom I love. But I had a little “poor me” moment last night. I thought, “man, everyone else’s life is changing but mine.” I feared that all of my friends were moving into a new stage in their lives and I would be left behind. Stuck here, in the same place forever.

This morning, I came to my senses and realized that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, we all have different paths. Although I’d love to have all of those things my friends are experiencing, it’s not my time for it. What I need to do is be appreciative for what I have and accept that my life is changing, even if those changes may seem tiny right now. Because I never know if that first date I go on tomorrow could end up being the one. I don’t know if the person I met at a networking event yesterday could offer me an amazing job in a new city next week.  The point is, I don’t know what the future holds. But I do need to be open to those possibilities in order for them to happen in my life.

Being afraid of change or being resentful of the changes going on around you will do nothing but stifle your own life’s progress. Don’t worry if you’re not on the exact path that you thought you’d be at this time in your life. Everything will happen when it is supposed to happen and when you are ready for it.

Change is happening whether you like it or not, you might as well be open to what’s to come. It just might be everything you’ve been hoping for. Or it could be much better than anything you’ve ever imagined for yourself.

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